Warranty Regulations

Please ensure that the date of purchase is completed and stamped to ensure your rights,
if not stamped and dated please keep the original invoice safe.

Warranty Regulations

1、When our products break down during use, please contact your local dealer or our company as soon as possible.

 2、Warranty period:the product warranty for one year (subject to the date of purchase invoice), within the warranty period of failure,after the company'sprofessional staff Confirmation of its failure is not the cause of the user,the company free to give repair,replacement devices. The postage and transportation costs arising from the repair.The user is responsible for his postage and transportation costs.

 3、Repairs will not be made free of charge even if the fault is within the warranty period if it occurs due to the following circumstances:
Failure or damage caused by an accidental disaster or by man.Product failure or damage caused by improper use or handling impact or abnormal voltage. Failure or damage caused by unauthorized modification of the product or private dismantling for servicing.

 4、 This warranty does not cover damage to or loss of the exterior of the product and any accompanying products,consumables,and related accessories (packages,manuals,etc.).

 5、This warranty card is for use within US.

 6、Warranty cards must not be altered,falsified,etc.