Outdoor Coolstation LINK2

The outer diameter of the intake and exhaust hoses is 7.8cm.
The inner diameter of the intake and exhaust hoses is 6.6 cm.
Size of drainage pipe Length
Length: 80cm
Outer diameter: 1.4cm
Inner diameter: 12cm
While EnioyCool does not have an internal battery.you canuse its 1008Wh add-on battery. Alternatively. you can plug it in directly to a wall outlet.
Can the additional battery of EnjoyCool be charged separately? YRS We win proviced thee ace Ace Acestoricition coner,the additional battery can be charged separately with a charging port.
While EnjoyCool can cool most small to medium-sized spaces,4m² is optimal for fast cooling. That's about the size of a two-man tent.
EnjoyCool LINK can be powered by any of the following methods:
1.AC power supply (such as your wall outlet) (100V-240V)
2.Enjoy cool‘s add-on battery.
3.Compatible with the mainstream energy storage power supplies in the market.
1.AC Rated power:240W
2.Maximum cooling capacity: 700W(238OBTU)
1. Strong mode: In this mode, the air conditioner works at full load and the wind is the strongest Fl wind. In this mode, the maximum usage time of the air conditioner is 5 hours.
2. Cooling mode: After entering the cooling mode, the display will show F2, which is the medium air speed cooling.
3. Fan mode: For adjusting airspeed,adjustable to F3 energy-saving mode.
Enjoycool is not water or dustproof.
EnjoyCool, like a traditional air conditioner, turns the gaseous water in the air into liquid. It uses gravity to collect and drain the generated water. The inside space can store condensed water for about 1-2 hours, depending on the humidity, You can also connect the water pipe that comes with theunit to drain the water to a collector/bottle or directly to the ground.
Based on our test,EnjoyCool's ideal cooling space is 24-42sq ft,while the ambient temperature is 100F/38℃,humidity is about 50%, no direct sunlight, good insulation condition, and the temperature can be reduced by 9-22°F/5-10℃ The cooling effect is closely related to the number of peopleinside, insulation conditions, sunlight exposure, and climate.
The Sound Level of EnjoyCool is 52dB (A). Whileconventional air conditioners are around 60 dB.
We have integrated a revolutionary dual hose system whereone hose draws in fresh outdoor air and outputs hot exhaust air through a separate hose.
EnjoyCool is designed to be as simpleas possible. No maintenance is required.

EnjoyCool Portable Power Station

Not only is the appearance stylish and simple,but the EnjoyCool Power Station adopts an ergonomic design, the size is:413mm×203×232mm,theweightisonly11KG,andit has its handle, which is easy to carry and transport.
Of course, it can power a 65W projector for about 13+ hours. Generally speaking, the time depends on the power of your projector.
In the combined charging mode, it can be fully charged inabout 4.5h, ensuring your backup power is always available!
Product packing list:energy storage power supply *l, adapter *1, manual *1, accessory bag *1.
To ensure the safety of our users, we conducted strict experiments in the product development stage: after 6 categories, 62 items, and 1560 hours of testing.
We have passed the UL-certified battery cell and UL38.3 certification. We have BMS ten-layer safety protection and a three-way NTC temperature detection system. which can effectively prevent the thermal runaway of the battery cell and strictly guarantee the power supply's safety.
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