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EnjoyCool Expands into Digital Instruments with Onesound Launch

by HeHelen 19 Jun 2024 0 Comments
EnjoyCool Expands into Digital Instruments with Onesound Launch - EnjoyCool
Outdoor equipment brand EnjoyCool has decided to venture into the digital musical instrument industry. The research and development team has been fully assembled, and the new products are expected to be ready for mass production by October 2024.

Digital musical instruments have emerged as a new trend in recent years, combining music and entertainment to lower the barriers for music enthusiasts to play instruments and enjoy music.

EnjoyCool has chosen to establish a new division to handle the research, development, and branding of digital musical instruments. Following selection by a professional MCN company, EnjoyCool's digital musical instrument brand will be known as Onesound. In the future, outdoor camping enthusiasts can not only enjoy EnjoyCool's outdoor air conditioners but also operate Onesound's digital musical instruments, making life more vibrant.
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